search engine optimisation

To SEO or not to SEO

We get it! Knowing that 80% of search results only get clicked upon if it’s in the top 20 results is daunting. It is enough to make you fill your page with enough keywords and jargon to ensure you appear in that bracket. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about how to make it easy […]

data privacy

Hand In The Cookie Jar?

Traditional advertising like TV ads or banners are expensive and run the risk of targeting a much wider range of audience than a company’s interest group. This means that ads are owned only by large companies with the budget to purchase TV ad space or banners. It also implies a lower ROI on the marketing […]

Socially responsible marketing

2021, Sustainability and Brands

If we have learned one thing in 2020 to carry forward to 2021, it is — Sustainability.  After the pandemic hit globally, we have had to consciously make an effort to collectively reduce our carbon footprint off the face of this Earth.  Consumers have been thinking about ecological waste and their footprint affecting our environment […]


We are all problem solvers

Problem-solving has been a widely discussed topic for ages. Albert Einstein famously noted, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Edward de Bono came up with the lateral thinking concept approach towards problem-solving in his book “Six Thinking Hats”. Dozens of bestsellers have been written about the […]


Read this to generate better leads

If you analyze the last 10 times you clicked on something on your phone, 8 out of those 10 would be on some kind of prompt. As a brand, if you have run campaigns on social media, the objective of it would be defined based on some type of conversion – starting a message, more […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally Intelligent Branding

Since the early 2000s, brands have come a long way from using an informational tone in their messages to now infusing them with the intelligence to gain an emotional response from their followers. Brands that are doing well on social media or any other media are not just talking about solving pain points, but are […]

social responsibility

A Brand’s Place In Public Dialogue

A socially responsible approach in your business: the most important and impactful social media trend predicted for 2021. Calling it a ‘trend’ in itself is strange – but desperate times, desperate measures. For far too many years, brands have been functioning in a form of capitalism that is profit-oriented, cold, and cut-throat. The main focus […]

font display

‘Font’astic Psychology!

While most people are aware of the concept of color psychology, we should also be familiar with the concept of font psychology. Our associations with different inspirational typography trigger powerful ideas and emotions.    Can fonts influence your brands? For companies, infusing the right typography into their branding is crucial and will help them in […]

content design

Beyond Words

“Content people should not be stuck with just words” lamented Sarah Richards to the co-founder of UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS). Sarah’s team had just 5 templates in their content management system. Gradually, it became a collective effort. With her team starting to work with designers, developers and user researchers. Content design was thus conceptualised. […]