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If you analyze the last 10 times you clicked on something on your phone, 8 out of those 10 would be on some kind of prompt. As a brand, if you have run campaigns on social media, the objective of it would be defined based on some type of conversion – starting a message, more page follows, increased web traffic or higher app downloads. Now, the success of these campaigns depends as much on the marketing message as it does on the relevance of your products or services to the audience.


The CTA, or call to action, can make or break a good campaign. With websites vying for milliseconds of attention from millions of users, it is crucial to stand out from the usual ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Get 20% Off’. Knowing how to create a well-written and strategically placed CTA is a must-have in a good marketer’s arsenal.


Here, we take a look at five examples of CTAs that are impeccably written for successful conversions. The conversion objectives range from turning page visitors into customers, or a reader into a subscriber and much more.



CTADrift is a SaaS company that sells sales software and uses a “show, don’t tell” approach for their website’s CTA for the homepage. The CTA reads ‘See drift on your site’ and requests a business email address. Now, a visitor looking for a good sales-support software will immediately be prompted to give their email id to explore how their software would work, especially when this CTA is followed up with the subtext mentioned below it. The CTA is also designed in such a way that its stark blue contrasts with the background white. The pink highlight on “NOW” also stands out and gives the impression that Drift is all about delivering fast results.



Wistia is a video marketing and hosting company that allows businesses to leverage videos, podcasts and other media to market their products and services. Their homepage message is direct and simple, making it attractive for anyone looking for their particular service. Coupled with a simple ‘Watch Video’ button, the CTA and messaging work in tandem to reflect a homogeneous branding strategy.


Wistia has used a softer approach to lead generation as opposed to the usual and blaring ‘Sign Up’. However, once a user signs up after watching the video, he or she will make for a high-intent conversion and will be more likely to become a customer. The video adds value to the user by retaining the essential parts of the software that makes it easy for their clients to host and market their content.



Hotjar successfully uses negative space and vibrant colours to highlight the most important parts of its message and direct users towards the main CTA. The use of bright green to highlight the text about its users and using the same to colour the shirts of the cartoons shows that they are the users. When the main message talks about understanding users, the subtext goes into how the software can help you more. The text below the main CTA also assures visitors that no credit card is required, giving them a better push towards trying the product for free. The segment is followed up with how trustworthy the software is by saying how many customers they are trusted by across several countries.



call to action

The banner image of Casper gives visitors all the assurance they need to make a purchase with them. The strategic use of social proof along with the right photo is effective in convincing people that if they are looking for pillows, they should go for Casper. This includes the number of 5-star reviews they have received backed by a well-shot image and good copy that says “This is what award-winning comfort feels like”. The CTA is direct and tells the user exactly what they will be buying – mattresses, even though the company sells various other products. This display’s objective is to clearly increase the sales of their mattresses and can safely be assumed to be doing well for the business.



call to action

Barkbox’s quirky take on dog treats and snacks taps right into the emotions of dog owners. The copy starts with “‘Good enough’ isn’t enough” and goes on to explain how dog owners can make their furry friends feel special with a Barkbox. The main CTAs are straightforward and can prompt an immediate conversion from dog-lovers or gift-givers. The image also compliments the copies and makes for an emotionally triggering image that would make dog-owners want to keep their dogs on a pedestal too.


You can truly leverage digital marketing only if your copies and CTAs are optimized for maximum conversions in your campaigns. This takes time, experience, trial and lots of hard work. At TOSS the COIN, we have worked on several campaigns with innovative ideas and creative CTAs that have benefited a company’s sales. If you are interested in using similar strategies to maximize your revenue, get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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