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‘Font’astic Psychology!

While most people are aware of the concept of color psychology, we should also be familiar with the concept of font psychology. Our associations with different inspirational typography trigger powerful ideas and emotions. 


Can fonts influence your brands?

For companies, infusing the right typography into their branding is crucial and will help them in identifying their brand personality. 

Each font has its own distinct characteristics, weight and balance, that represent a brand.  


Which typography should a brand pick?

It depends on the personality the brand is trying to create in the market and how it inspires its consumers. 


Hey! Did you know Calibri replaced Times New Roman as Microsoft’s default font? Me neither.  


Choosing the right font for your brand doesn’t come off easy because you have to understand the cumulative effect of fonts on brands. Not only does it have to help you gain attention in the market but also you need to set aside previously curated designs to be one of a kind. 


One of the easiest ways to create typography in your logo is to look at existing logo designs of famous brands, understand the message they are trying to communicate to their audience and alter it according to your brand personality. 


How to choose typography for a logo?

  • Do not jump at the first appealing font you see, instead take time to see how other brands connected their logos with their brand story and see where you stand with yours. 
  • Keep a keen eye on your competitors and what the analogy is behind their logo. 
  • Keep it simple and less complicated, focus on readability and clarity. 
  • Imagine how your logo design and color looks on various platforms and other forms of print. 


Can font psychology induce emotions in your designs?

Every design has a goal. And by choosing the fonts that are going to inspire the right emotional response in your audience is going to empower you to hit that goal.


Understanding font psychology, and how different typefaces can bring out different emotions, it is crucial to understand which typography you need to communicate the right things about your brand. In fact, the font the brand uses for their logo could even be to increase competitive advantage.


For example, the fonts on your social media post should be completely contrasting to a print media font. Fonts on social media catches attention whereas on print media, it’s all about delivering the message across regardless of the font. 


Are you ready to find your ‘type’? Reach out to us at TOSS the COIN and we’ll help you do just that!

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